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Ab Investigations


Here at AB Private Investigators Leeds, we assure you of a discreet and professional Private Investigator service that is geared toward achieving results on your behalf. We’ve been in this business for many years, working for private, corporate and legal clients both in the UK and around the world and have earned a reputation for being highly effective while charging competitive rates for the wide range of Private Investigator services that we offer.

Ab Investigations

We carry out all types of private investigations, including but not limited to, background checks on individuals and businesses, process serving,tracing people who owe money, and tracking down lost relatives, friends or associates. Our experienced Private Investigators will conduct discreet surveillance on a partner or spouse who is suspected of cheating, and will get you the evidence you need to either confirm your worst fears, or put your mind at rest.

Our Private Investigators also undertake dating site scam investigations, arranged marriage investigations, asset tracing, employee absenteeism, and finding a person’s address for you from a telephone number. In short, we’ll find the answers you’re looking for, whatever the situation, ensuring that you’re in full possession of the facts so you can take informed decisions going forward.

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Cheating Partner

Do you think your partner (Husband, Wife, Girlfriend or Boyfriend) might be having an affair?


Do you need to know exactly who a person is and what they have been doing in their past?


Do you need to know what someone is doing while you are not with them? Photographic and video evidence.

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Ab Investigations

As professional Private Investigators, we’re trained to be highly objective we keep an open mind and look for what’s there, not what we hope or expect to find. This is especially important when investigating sensitive cases such as marital infidelity or cheating where strong and conflicting emotions can otherwise get in the way of the truth.

Using up to date methods and techniques, every Private Investigator employed by AB Private Investigators is equipped to take on all types of cases and possess the skills and experience to operate effectively in every situation, whether it’s carrying out a relatively straightforward assignment, or conducting a more complex investigation on behalf of a corporate client.

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