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It is a sad fact that a number of private homes are bugged by prying people or companies in order to find out private and confidential information about the people that live inside. It might be someone who doesn’t trust their partner or is divorcing their partner.

An enemy or a close family member, a neighbour or business associate, even an employer. Having a spy bug planted in a home is an attack on an individuals privacy; it may not be known who is listening or even watching (if it is a video bug). So if you are worried your home or business is bugged please contact us today to find about about our bug sweeping services.

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If you suspect that someone has bugged your car, office or home then you should contact us for details of our bug sweeping service.

Bug Sweeps are a very specialised type of Surveillance Detection Investigation. Our technicians use electronic equipment to detect any transmitters that may have been planted in your home, office, vehicles, or on your person.

Bugging using electronic communication devices is far more common than people may think, particularly when it comes to high profile government and business persons. In the corporate and industrial world, the competition may go to lengths to keep an eye on you, including illegal bugging of your phones, computers, vehicles, homes, and offices.

If you have reason to believe that your life is being watched, and you want to be certain, then you should call us immediately. Our private investigators are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the latest technology in bugging and bug sweeps, and they will make sure that your conversations are only heard by the intended audience.

While we’re based in Leeds, we also offer our services to Wakefield, Bradford, Sheffield, and Castleford, so don’t wait to get in touch with our team!


Acoustic Bugs: the simplest listening device, these are not electronic devices. Acoustic bugs allow one to eavesdrop using a drinking glass, stethoscope, rubber tubes, or tape recorders in close proximity to the person speaking.

VHF Bugs: these devices convert sound into an audio signal which cannot be heard by human ears, then intercept that sound wave and convert it back to audible frequencies to be recorded and listened to on the eavesdroppers’ hardware.

Radio Frequency Bugs: these devices are the most common, using a transmitter to capture sounds and transport the audio signal to another location.

Optical Bug: these devices convert sounds into an optical pulse that can be transmitted and recorded.

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