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Staff stealing from an employer is a serious breach of trust, and not acceptable under any circumstances.

Whether it’s taking a few notepads and pens from the stationery cupboard, money going missing from a till, stock removed from the warehouse, to an outright attempt to defraud your employer, any of these actions constitutes theft and is unacceptable behavior regardless of the individual’s motives.

Investigating a Stealing Employee

When employees are caught stealing, or when having confessed to stealing, research has shown that many employees cite the fact that the company made it so easy to steal and, therefore, the temptation was too good to resist, even though their overall ethical beliefs would know that stealing from their employer was wrong.

The surprising fact would seem to be that many employees who have been caught stealing at work were not under any financial pressures to do so. Many state that having seen other members of staff, some of them in management roles helping themselves, and believed it was perfectly acceptable for them to do the same.
In other instances, perceived injustices against them, feeling undervalued or the way they’ve been treated by their bosses have also been given as reasons why they have stolen from employers.

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How We Carry Out A Workplace Investigation
At AB Private Investigators we have the skill, experience and technical know-how to put in place a strategy to capture and prove employees are stealing from their employers. Our staff have an understanding and appreciation of what is required to fulfil the evidence threshold and support that evidence with clear and detailed reports. It is this understanding that gives employers the confidence to deal with employees decisively when they are caught stealing. The provision of indisputable evidence assists employers and managers to deal with an employee in a swift and robust manner.

Employee Investigations

As well as carrying out a technical investigation to apprehend employees suspected of theft and other breaches, our detectives are able to be deployed as an undercover member of staff on a short or long term basis working alongside suspected persons or groups within the company.

Stock Loss Investigators

We are also able to carry out interviews of employees who are suspected of theft, and other breaches of company policy. This allows the client to remain outside of a potentially embarrassing and intimidating environment.

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